miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015


"Pintxo Pote" in London

Just imagine! Arriving in London, waiting to see, to taste and to feel the cultural differences. I arrived in this zone as if I had always travelled on this train. Perhaps it was very difficult that I would get lost with Sebastian´s perfect intructions :). Anyway, Gabriela picked me up at the station and we went home.

The first thing that I saw, when I arrived home, was post-its with words in Basque..."What??" I read them again... "Yes! It is Basque".  I asked why were there words in Basque, and in the end, it was because Christina is learning Basque. It is hard to believe, someone in London studying Basque!

A few days later Christina gave me an invitation to a party that she was going to give at home for her friends and family. "Pintxo Pote Party" Sorry?? "What are you saying??" 
"Pintxo Pote" is a social way, in the Basque Country, for people to meet in an area with a lot of bars to eat "pintxos" (litlle portions of food) and to drink "pote" (a small drink) in each bar.

I love cooking and I was eager to help, so we chose the "Pintxos" that we were to going to make: Spanish omelette, gildas, stuffed eggs, pate with sweet apple, cake pops, cheesecake, chorizo with pastry, stuffed mushrooms, all of this with good wine, beer and Basque music.

Although I am a foreigner and I do not understand a lot of things, I can say that I feel at home in London.

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