miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015


Fruit and Vegetable Market

Life goes on and Rezetas EKO as well. I have been getting to know the area where I am living, and I have found a lot of shops with fresh meat and fish and a little market with some different fruits and vegetables, where you can feel the cultural diversity that exists London. You can buy products from several countries, especially African and Asian food.
Maybe this doesn't follow an ecological philosophy but what a coincidence that Christina buys an organic vegetable box every two weeks. Abel&Cole.


I don´t know who said that English food is not very good! Perhaps the people who only ate fast food when they came to England or simply people with closed minds, because I don't agree.

Fortunately I am living with an excellent cook and I can taste home cooked meals every day. It is true that I am a grateful dinner guest because I love tasting new different flavours and I usually like them.

So in a few days I am going to share with you the first EKO recipie in London.

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